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Senior Engineer

Francisco joined CORE Group in October 2014. As a Senior Engineer, he is responsible for conducting mechanical and plumbing code analyses, including developing code equivalencies and alternative methods of compliance, and reviewing mechanical and plumbing system designs.
















Prior to joining CORE Group, Francisco worked at SATU‑OEIRAS – Sistema Automatico de Transporte Urbano, E.M., S.A. He was promoted to Director of the automated public transportation system SATU in 2012, an electric powered, cutting‑edge, elevated interurban transportation system, after performing the function of owner’s representative during its construction and start-up phases, and being in charge of its operations, over a period of eight years.  In 2007, Francisco became a Senior Officer for Safety and Health in the Workplace, and performed the functions of Chief Safety Officer for SATU, in addition to his other technical functions.


In 2004, Francisco was initially detailed from Teixeira Duarte to the SATU project, where he was subsequently permanently assigned to manage operations of the first urban automated public transportation system in Portugal. He also performed functions as an Electrical Engineer during the construction phase and continued to be the Electrical Engineer in charge of the operations of the system after it's completion. 


Shortly after graduating, in 2003, Francisco worked for Teixeira Duarte – Engenharia e Construcoes, S.A., and performed electrical engineering design and construction management functions in various in-house projects of the largest engineering and construction firm in Portugal. 


Francisco started his engineering career in 2001 with EDIS – EDP Distribuicao, S.A. Interned as a junior engineer-in-training in the Department of Preventive Maintenance of the power distribution network of Electricity of Portugal for the Greater Lisbon metropolitan area, where he developed plans of maintenance for improving the service quality of the electrical distribution.


Francisco is a licensed Professional Engineer in Portugal, and has his Degree of Liscensure in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Lisbon University of Technology.  He is currently pursuing graduate work in Electrical Engineering at the University of the District of Columbia. 



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