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CORE Engineers Consulting Group (CORE Group) is a Washington DC based engineering firm specializing in code consulting and fire protection engineering for the building and construction industries. We are comprised of experienced engineers who apply their knowledge of construction codes, life safety and fire protection engineering principles to meeting the needs of our clients across the construction industry. 

Why Use CORE Group?


CORE Group’s background and services help eliminate the wait time and headaches associated with code & permitting reviews. CORE Group’s extensive knowledge of the codes allows our staff to efficiently develop code summaries, to provide alternative compliance solutions such as code modifications, waivers, variances and performance-based designs, and to perform code compliance reviews for all project types. Whether you need a review of fire dynamics calculations or a single family home permit, CORE Group has evaluated designs large and small both as part of a third party review process as well as peer reviews at the request of AHJ’s. Through our involvement our clients will experience a smoother and more predictable code review by the AHJ. In the end, the product generated is safer, code compliant, and more cost efficient.


Experience with Complex Projects


Thorough Knowledge of the Jurisdiction


Quality Assurance


Ability to Meet Deadlines


Your Project Won't Get Lost in the Shuffle

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