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In the event of a loss resulting from fire or a fire protection system, CORE Group is able to assist our clients in what are often complex situations. Having testified as expert witnesses in both Federal and State courts, our engineers are knowledgeable in judicial procedures related to civil and criminal investigations. We are familiar with and have successfully taken depositions, withstood Daubert challenges and have delivered cogent testimony in trials.


CORE Group provides expert support in the areas of origin and cause, building and life safety codes, passive and active fire protection system failures, and fire and smoke modeling. We are also capable of reviewing expert reports and analyses in order to assess the appropriateness of others' work.


CORE Group's technical understanding of complex fire phenomena and code requirements, along with our ability to articulate these concepts in meaningful ways to both attorneys and juries, sets us apart from others. We provide a thorough and unbiased review of case information in an effort to help our clients develop a coherent understanding of how their case may or may not be impacted by existing code requirements or aspects of the fire.


The application of real-world fire analysis experience, coupled with our knowledge of fire science and the scientific method, enables CORE Group to provide an unparalleled quality of service to our clients.

Post Incident Analysis

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