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CORE Group offers a wide range of code consulting services. Our team's expertise in the application of building codes creates significant advantages to our clients when dealing with the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

Our engineers and staff stay active in code and standards development on both local and national levels and have experience working as or for the AHJ in several jurisdictions.  By helping to set the regulations and enforcement mechanisms that will impact your project, CORE Group has valuable insight into the intentions of the codes, and the way to design code compliant solutions for atypical jobs.


Our extensive knowledge of the codes allows us to efficiently develop code summaries for a multitude of projects. For projects that don't fit within the constraints imposed by the codes, we have the background and experience to provide alternative compliance solutions such as code modifications, waivers, variances and performance based designs that allow your design team the flexibility of design while still creating a safe an appropriate solution.

Code Consulting

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