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Principal, Project Manager

Eric co-founded Core Engineers Consulting Group, Inc. (Core Group) in September, 2007 where he works as a senior engineer and a senior consultant. He is responsible for conducting building and life safety code analyses, including developing code equivalencies and alternative methods of compliance, reviewing fire protection system shop drawings and performing system acceptance testing. As a consultant, Eric interacts with designers, building owners and developers to address and solve specific project-related code compliance issues.



Prior to founding CORE, Eric served as a Managing Director of Engineering for Triton Real Estate Partners where he evaluated residential and commercial properties for possible acquisition and redevelopment, assessed viability based on revenue potential, engineering and construction issues, and general market conditions, collaborated with other members of the senior management team to develop budgets, prepared and interpreted pro forma financial models, recommended optimal next steps regarding acquisitions, oversaw resolution of major engineering issues company-wide, resolved difficult code compliance issues with authorities having jurisdiction, and directed the redevelopment of residential property.


Eric also worked as a Senior Engineer at Koffel Associates where he developed code analysis reports, code equivalencies, and alternative compliance methods, designed fire prevention systems, wrote test methods, participated in the codes and standards development with the National Fire Protection Association, International Code Council, and the American Society for Testing of Materials and performed hand and computer based fire modeling to analyze actual fire events and evaluate potential designs. He also evaluated healthcare facilities for compliance with federal guidelines, coordinated variances and site plan approvals, provided expert testimony in matters pertaining to building and fire code compliance, fire origin, and fire protection systems and created and taught building code seminars to code officials, architects, and engineers.


At Schirmer Engineering Corporation, Eric worked as a Fire Protection Engineer responsible for building code analysis, fire protection and life safety consultation. His responsibilities included design and analysis of fire detection and suppression systems, preparation of construction documents and hydraulic calculations, review of contractor shop drawings, construction observation visits, fire pump and fire alarm acceptance tests, post fire loss analysis and computer-based fire modeling analysis.


Eric served as a Captain in the District of Columbia Fire Department where he directed a firefighting company with a focus on preventing or minimizing injury and property loss, initiated post-fire analysis and reconstruction, performed building inspections for code compliance, trained and supervised firefighters and conducted periodic performance reviews to address critical issues and maintain a strong team.


Eric is a licensed PE in the District of Columbia, Arizona, California and Maryland.  He is also a Certified Fire Protection Specialist. Eric earned his Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland. 


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