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Principal, Senior Fire Protection Engineer

Steve co-founded CORE Group in September, 2007 where he works as a Senior Engineer and a Senior Consultant. He is responsible for conducting building and life safety code analyses, including developing code equivalencies and alternative methods of compliance, reviewing fire protection system shop drawings and performing system acceptance testing. As a consultant, Steve interacts with designers, building owners and developers to address and solve specific project-related code compliance issues.



Prior to founding CORE, Steve worked as a Senior Engineer for Lourenco Consultants Inc. He reviewed architectural and engineering plans for code compliance; inspected and tested fire protection systems for compliance with building and fire protection codes enforced in the District of Columbia; and provided code consulting services to developers and designers.


Steve also served as a Senior Fire Protection Engineer for the City of Rockville Maryland – Inspection Services Division, reviewing architectural and engineering plans for buildings and structures to verify designs were in compliance with the applicable fire protection and building codes enforced by the City of Rockville. He also reviewed shop drawings and inspected and tested automatic sprinkler, fire alarm, fire pump, smoke control, alternative agent (FM-200, CO2, Intergen) systems and kitchen fire suppression systems to verify that the installation is in accordance with the applicable codes and standards. In addition, met with architects and engineers in the preliminary phases of design to discuss building and fire code interpretations and engineering alternatives to prescriptive code design.  Prior to Rockville, Steve worked for the District of Columbia Building and Land Regulation Administration (predecessor to DCRA) as a fire protection engineer. His duties with the District of Columbia were consistent with his duties at Rockville City.


Shortly after graduating from the University of Maryland, Steve won one of the coveted fire protection engineering positions at The Department of the Navy – Naval Public Works Center. Steve’s responsibilities included designing fire protection systems for life safety and property protection, review of architectural and engineering drawings and fire protection shop drawings to verify the designs were in accordance with applicable coded and standards. His duties also included inspecting and testing buildings and fire protection systems for compliance with the applicable codes and the approved drawings. In addition Steve performed surveys, engineering analyses and compiled reports for building and structures to identify deficiencies and suggest corrective action to bring those structures into compliance with the current codes enforced by the Department of the Navy. Much of the time Steve spent at the Norfolk Navy Public Works Center, he was the only fire protection engineer serving the command in the entire Hampton Roads area.


Steve started his engineering career with Brinjac, Kambic and Associates in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. At BKA Steve wrote specifications and designed fire protection systems, conducted surveys of existing structures for life safety and fire protection compliance issues. He also reviewed shop drawing submittals and verified installations of fire protections.


Steve is a licensed PE in the District of Columbia, and State of Maryland.  Steve earned his Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland. 

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